Latinos Run the World

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Latinos Run is an International Movement that brings together those in the Latino community through Running & Fitness. Whether you're running for fun, or training for a 5k, Half Marathon, Marathon or Triathlon, Latinos Run mission is to encourage our runners to lead healthier lives.

Giving Back

 After Hurricane Maria devastated the island of Puerto Rico, we knew we had to do our part. In 2017 we begun efforts to partner with other groups in the Running community to give back. Currently we are asking those to help bring light to Puerto Rico. Click the link and find out more info and how you too can help.

Project Run 50

The 50 State countdown has begun!!

 Join Latinos Run founder Maria Solis Belizaire as she runs in all 50 States. From Trail runs, to Pop up events and Marathons, follow her on IG @GirlGallivant or check out her races at


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